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Pope Encourages Frankness and Perseverance

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Upon paying a visit to two small Catholic communities in central Italy, Pope Francis praised the Nomadelfia community and commune for their implementation of the Gospel as a prophetic model of a new civilization.

Additionally he spoke with the Focolare Movement, which places an emphasis on ecumenism, calling their community” an illustration of the mission of the Church today.”

He encouraged both communities to be bold in their dedication to the faith and reach out to the poor, the suffering, those struggling with daily trials and those in search of peace burdened by doubt.

He reminded them that “frankness” and “perseverance” were two words that they should always keep in mind going forward. Prayer and face to face communication were the pillars upon which to build their bearing of the truth.

The Nomadelfia (Greek translation – where brotherhood is law) community was established in 1931. Founded by Fr. Zeno Saltini, who spiritually adopted his “son” a 17-year-old-boy who had just recently been released from prison.

Consisting of practicing Catholics inspired by the Biblical Book of the Apostles, the community has become a haven for trouble youths. The community grew as laywomen became “adopted mothers” for the many troubled and abandoned youth. Soon, couples arrived to carry on the tradition.

There is no private property. Everything is shared. Nomadelfia is now home to some 5000 youth today.

The Focolare Movement was launched in 1943. It places emphasis on universal brotherhood and ecumenical unity. Initially established by a Catholic, the movement welcomes members of other religions.

Focolare has approximately 2,000,000 Catholics ad well as thousands of members from other religions including Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus.

He encouraged the movement to proceed with “frankness and perseverance” and to practice respect and tenderness in dealing with differences.

He spoke of such things as humility, risk taking, serenity and a good sense of humor to carry us through life’s tough times.

Another focus of the Pope’s message was vocational inclusiveness to build synergy to tackle the problems of the future.