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Humanae Vitae Referred to as Happy Marriage Blueprint


On Oct. 3, 2018, Bishop James Wall, of Gallup New Mexico referred to the message of Humanae vitae as “good news” and characterized it as a blueprint for a happy marriage. His talk entitled Humanae vitae and the Wisdom of Pope Paul VI was organized by the Diocese of Lincoln and was part of ongoing series.

Originally disseminated in July 25, 1968 Pope Paul VI wrote Humana vitae as a response to the West’s changing sexual mores stemming from the “sexual revolution” of the 1960’s. Of major contention, was the churches position of the use of contraception among married couples. With the advent of ‘the pill” many of the faithful wondered if the church would change its position on the traditional opposition to the use artificial contraceptives.

Bishop Wall likened the use of contraception as a merging of man, woman and the pharmaceutical company resulting in “pushing God out.”

Pope Paul VI established a commission who examined the issue extensively and concluded that the Church declare it licit for married Catholics to use contraception in some circumstances.

Wall reminded the listeners that the authority Christ invested in the Church, and in the Popes, protects the church from error in the areas of faith and morals.